How’s your happy meter doing these days? Overwhelmed with work, home, and life? Meter running low? Join the club! It happens to all of us: Life gets in the way and we lose focus and energy and then make the wrong choices, resulting in lower happiness levels and higher stress. But no worries, darlings!

    Here are a few tips to make your life happier. (Really!)

    1. Burn your favorite candle. Vanilla for a better mood, cinnamon for sexy, and eucalyptus for that clean, fresh “spa” feel. Also, it is said that candlelight is a great stress reliever.

    2. Take a shower or a hot bath. Warm water relaxes tense muscles and calms your central nervous system. The sound of running water can also be quite a stress reliever.

    3. Go for a walk. Soak up that sunshine and get a boost of Vitamin D. It’s also a great way to stay healthy!

    4. Get organized! It could be your closet, office, room, desk, junk drawer, financial statements – YOUR JEWELRY BOX or all of the above… Once decluttered, oh what a feeling!

    5. Eat all the chocolate you want. Go ahead. I’m giving you permission this one time. It’s said to make us happy.

    6. Practice breathing and meditation. Used for centuries as a relaxation technique, meditation has been proven to keep away depressive thoughts and even anxiety.

    7. Bake something. Even if it’s those frozen things from the supermarket! That smell, the thought of something freshly baked, can be so rewarding.

    8. Open a window and breathe. Let in some light and fresh air and say “hellooooo” to the Universe at the top of your lungs.

    9. Get lost in a really great book or your favorite TV show. It takes you to another world and will keep your mind off the worry train.

    10. Make a cup of tea. Use the most beautiful cup you own and enjoy the preparation as much as the warmth and taste. This will make you relax and smile…wearing your favorite piece of jewelry…

    11. Make yourself a smoothie or fruit bowl. Did you know fruit has sugars that can lift your mood? Serve it in a large expensive glass, put your legs up in that favorite chair, and savor every healthy bit.

    12. Cuddle with an animal. Studies have shown petting or cuddling with dogs can lower your heart rate and fill your heart with love.

    13. Write down things that make you happy. Make a list of all the jewelry you would like to own here. Lists make you happy… and plan how and when you will buy it.

    14. Have a Happiness chair. Designate a specific chair in your house for dinners and gatherings and have friends and family sit in it and say 3 things that make them happy.

    15. Buy fresh flowers. Surround yourself with them. It seriously works, and if you can afford several different types of flowers all over the house, even better! Then take a Selfie with that gorgeous necklace and earrings next to the fresh flowers. Send us a copy!

    16. Spring clean your phone and social media. Go through your contact list and DELETE anyone who makes you cringe or gives you unhappy thoughts. Be happy saying a silent goodbye.

    19. Have a spa day. Manicures, tons of chocolate, cozy oversized sweats or that special outfit that makes you feel relaxed and happy…oh, and of course watch a “feel good” movie with that cute Scrunchie for your pony tail that we offer here. (I love the black on black, dramatic!)Yes, please!

    20. Play with children. Let your inner child come out and play. Be silly, get in the moment of their carefree laughter, and see life through their eyes. It will give you an instant happy.

    21. Do something nice for somebody else. Showing kindness helps us feel better. INSTANTLY. Small actions count, like holding the door for the person behind you, sending a quick love text to a friend or spouse, donating to your favorite charity or simply buying something for that friend and having us mail it to her! Your Happiness Meter will be off the charts!

    22. Call that friend that you love but haven’t had the time to connect with. Sit down in your favorite space or chair with your favorite drink and visit over the phone for hours.

    23. Smile. Even if you don’t feel like it, sometimes moving the muscles in our face activates chemicals in our brains that lift our spirits and even make us look prettier. (I wear my favorite Tiara (that we offer here also), those favorite pj’s, earrings that I love, the perfect necklace that makes me smile and I stand before the mirror and do affirmations of love to myself : )

    24. Be grateful. Your happiness is only as good as your mindset. Stay thankful – it will surround you with abundance… and now the most important…

    25. Buy yourself some jewelry that CALLS to you. That piece that just caught your eye and you feel will make you OVER THE MOON happy.

    Buy one, two, three or all the pieces your heart needs. You deserve it, so today- let’s celebrate YOU. Celebrate your uniqueness, beauty and GUSTO for life!

    Do a few of the tips above and I assure you your “Happiness Meter” will jump for joy.

    And so will you.

    We love you. Thanks for stopping in. Come back soon… tell a friend and browse around the newest Best Sellers.

    In happiness, joy and tons of gratitude,

    Till we meet again,
    Happy Elsie