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I’ve always believed – and my mission is – that no matter what your dreams or setbacks, you have the power to change your life. And, by doing so, you will change the world. I’m here to help you along the way. – Elsie Mendez, Founder

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Elsie Mendez

I’m Elsie Mendez, and I’m so happy you’re here!

My days are dedicated to helping women live their most extraordinary lives possible –  motivating them through my premium quality products, which elevate the soul to that realm where the “happy factor” is found. My pieces are created with you in mind, and with the intention to be your happiest, most loving, and extraordinary self.

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Many years ago, one Sunday morning, my mother (I’m an only child) said she wasn’t feeling well, couldn’t move, and asked to call an ambulance.

Not how I expected to spend a Sunday morning. 

After a few hours in the ER, they asked us to go into the doctor’s office as they proceeded to hand us each a box of tissue.

I thought to myself, “This can’t be good… why the tissues?” Unmistakenly, it wasn’t good news. 

My mom had Stage 4 cancer of the uterus; it had invaded and metastasized. She only had 20 days to live.

Such shock! We were speechless and felt like an 18 wheeler had run over us.

If you don’t know, cancer takes over family, finances, relationships, your home, time, and emotions. We felt like we were pushed into one of those mega roller coasters that never seem to stop. 

Long story short, we decided to huddle as a family of three, my daughter, mother, and I… and fight this animal.

Twenty days turned into
one-and-a-half years

But life is serendipitous. A week later, I was hosting a luncheon for my daughter, who just received her MBA in Maritime Law and by chance, next to me was a lovely girl wearing the cutest onyx bracelet with pearls. When I was complimenting her on it (my mom always taught me to see the beauty in everyone), to my shock, she said, “I made it.” She mentioned attending some jewelry classes (I’ve always loved jewelry) and quickly gave me their number.

A few days later, I enrolled and began making the most extravagant “wow” pieces, and to my surprise, they began selling like hot cakes in parking lots, meetings, and friends.

 My designs were a total success.

So much so that after a few months, the GM of The Shops at Canal Place in New Orleans called and offered me a store because she had seen someone with one of my coral pieces at a cocktail party, and she thought I’d be perfect for the mall. There, I began this wonderful walk of making jewelry, buying and selling beautiful accessories in my two stores, Canal Place and Riverwalk New Orleans.

Almost a year into this beautiful business, Hurricane Katrina hit

And they say tragedies come in threes.

Most of you know how that ended. 

We lost everything and began a new life in Florida.

Today, we live in paradise -Naples, Florida. 

I am delighted to be honoring my mother again – designing jewelry and helping women look and feel their most beautiful.

After all, we are in the business of happiness.

As you can see, the story has a happy ending. 

I met you! 

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